NEW MODEL– QLite Pro DX (for Office and Home Use)

Based on requests by a number of users who are primarily interested in using the QLite Pro in their home or office, we have added a new model to our QLite Pro offering, the QLite Pro DX (“DX”).

Optimized for use where charging more frequently is not a problem and the ability to charge your smartphone while using the QLite Pro is not essential, the DX:

  • Features a smaller battery than that of the QLite Pro (1,700 mAh vs. 2,600 mAh), and
  • Does NOT include the ability to charge smartphones, since users in an office or home environment have ready means for doing so.

With its smaller battery, the DX should still be able to sustain High Output (2,300 LUX) for about 90 minutes and Low Output (790 LUX) for about 6 hours (versus 2 and 9 hours for the QLite Pro, respectively).  Other than the smaller battery and the removal of the smartphone charging feature, the DX is identical to the QLite Pro.

With its smaller battery and simpler charging circuit, the DX will be less expensive to manufacture than the QLite Pro.  And we intend to pass on these cost savings in the form of this lower cost model for home or office users. We believe the DX will carry an online retail price of $35 USD versus $50 USD for the QLite Pro.  So the Very Early Bird for the QLite Pro DX, priced at $25, represents a savings of about 29%.

We think the QLite Pro DX will be a great accessory for home and office users that desire to use their smartphone to scan documents, file insurance claims, photograph objects, catalog inventory, log shipping or receiving issues, perform Q/A on products or even photograph action figures for selling on eBay!

Apr, 20, 2015