QLite Pro Features

QLite Pro: Smartphone Floodlight that’s 3x – 10x Brighter than an iPhone 5

The QLite Pro is NOT a flash… it’s a battery powered floodlight that provides continuous, bright white light at either 790 LUX (low) or 2,300 LUX (high), which corresponds to about 3x or 10x (respectively) the illumination from an iPhone 5’s LED. With its continuous, bright white (5000°K Color Temp) illumination, you can avoid the hassle of using a flash, which makes taking excellent photos and videos and capturing document scans in low light extremely easy.


Mitigates the Need for Flashlights or Droplights

Working in low light situations often means having to use a flashlight or droplight in addition to your smartphone. The QLite Pro’s floodlight lights up your work area and your subject to eliminate the need for additional lighting in most instances.

Continuous, Brilliant Illumination Enables Great Photos and Videos in Low Light

With its continuous, bright white illumination, the QLite Pro enables service professionals and others to take great photos and videos in virtually any lighting condition. The image on the right clearly demonstrates the QLite Pro advantage.


EZ Grip Mount Enables, Steady, Single Handed Operation—Even Upside Down!

With its unique EZ Grip Secure, Universal Mounting System , the QLite Pro securely holds your smartphone so that you can use one hand for illumination and smartphone camera operation and the other hand for balance or other operations. With better stability, you can take better photos and videos without distracting artifacts such as blur or graininess.

Eliminates Shadows on Documents

The QLite Pro’s brilliant, continuous illumination eliminates the shadows that often plague smartphone document images and scans because of direct lighting found in most workplaces and field situations. With up to 10x the illumination of a smartphone’s built-in LED, the QLite Pro eliminates direct light shadows to make photographs or scans of invoices, work orders, packing lists, instructions and other documents crystal clear.


Works with Virtually Any Phone and Popular Phone Cases—even the OtterBox™!

The QLite Pro’s unique EZ Grip Secure, Universal Mounting System is designed to accommodate a very wide range of smartphones… including the iPhone 4, 5, 6 & 6 Plus as well as the entire Samsung Galaxy S family. Plus, the QLite Pro can accommodate a wide variety of cases up to and including the OtterBox (except the OtterBox on iPhone 6 Plus).

Works with ALL Photo, Scanning or Vertical Market Apps

The QLite Pro is entirely independent of smartphone software and does not depend on Android, iOS or any particular app. So it works very well with all photo, video or scanning apps on any OS.

Works with HDR and Other Advanced Camera Modes

Because the QLite Pro provides contiuous illumination (it’s not a flash), it works well with High Dynamic Range (HDR) and other advanced camera modes that are not available when using your smartphone or an external flash.


2,600 mAh Rechargable Battery Provides Hours of Service and Recharges Quickly

With its hefty 2,600 mAh rechargeable battery, the QLite Pro can operate for over 9 hours on the low illumination setting and over 2 hours on its high illumination setting—long enough to ensure you can complete most any job. And the QLite Pro recharges quickly… less than 2 hours for a full re-charge in typical situations.
NOTE: The QLite Pro DX for home and office use features a 1,700 mAh battery.

Charge Your Phone’s Battery While Using the QLite Pro or Whenever Needed

The QLite Pro features a standard USB A output power port so you can charge your smartphone while using the QLite Pro. Short charge cables for popular phones will be available optionally after first customer shipments.
NOTE: The QLite Pro DX for home and office use does NOT include the smartphone charging feature.

Intuitive User Interface With Low & High Settings, Battery Indicator and Automatic Off

With it's single Power Button, the QLite Pro is truly simple to use. Push the button once to power on with Low Power (Single red LED indicator illuminates on). Push again to enable High Power (Single red LED shines brightly). Then push again to turn off or just wait 2 minutes and the unit will turn itself off. Hold the power button down and the 4 blue battery charge indicator LEDs indicate 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% charge. If the power button is accidentally depressed continuously, the unit will also turn itself off after 2 seconds.


Standard 1/4-20 Tripod Mount

For hands free operation, the QLite Pro includes an industry standard ¼-20 tripod mount that enables users to mount the QLite Pro on a wide array of third party tripods and mounting systems.

Rugged Construction for Real World Use

Made of injection molded ABS plastic, the QLite Pro is designed to be used in the shop, lab, office, factory floor and on the job site. An optional silicone sleeve, travel case and 3x magnifier will be available in the future for added protection and for providing a hand-held illuminated magnifier capability.


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