QLite Pro Detailed Schedule

For our KickStarter fans who are interested, we’re posting the QLite Pro Detailed Schedule and updates to the project here on www.qlitepro.com.  I will have to bug Hank, our lead engineer, to get the goods… but I have my methods :-).  We will also replicate select information on the KickStarter site as well.

Below is the detailed schedule, assuming I can figure out how to attach it…  We’ll update the schedule periodically as things change.  As shown in the schedule, we’ve finalized the Bill of Materials (BOM) and have submitted it to our Contract Manufacturer (CM).  We’re now making sure we don’t have any Long Lead Time (LLT) items that are beyond the norm and that we don’t have any End of Life (EOL) items that will cause us problems in the foreseeable future.  We should get feedback on this shortly.  Meanwhile, Hank is about to order the V1.3 PCBs for the regulatory compliance testing.

Last night, Joan did a final pass on the KickStarter submission.  It cost me dinner at Janta (my favorite Indian food restaurant… www.jantaindianrestaurant.com).  We submitted last night and got approval this morning. So we plan to go live on Monday, 13APR15.  Getting the QLite Pro into fighting shape and onto KickStarter has been a very interesting labor of love… including me having to finally write a blog post (this).


QLite Pro Detailed Production Schedule V1.5 08APR15

Apr, 10, 2015