QLite Pro: EZ Grip LED Floodlight for Smartphones

Light and Power, Right Where You Need It!

The QLite Pro™ enables service personnel, technicians, photographers and consumers to use their smartphones in challenging environments and in a wide variety of low or poor lighting situations to capture high quality photos, videos and document scans that are impossible to obtain with a smartphone alone or which require additional lighting such as flashlights or droplights.


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What is the QLite Pro and How Does it Work?

Qlite Pro: Light and Power, Right Where You Need It!

Optimized for mobile professionals who need to document their work with their smartphone in the field, the QLite Pro is better than a flash—it’s the first LED floodlight for smartphones. The QLite Pro features a patent-pending design that combines an EZ Grip secure, universal phone mounting system with four high-brightness LEDs and a rechargeable battery that illuminates subjects and work areas with up to 10x more light than smartphone LEDs. With the QLite Pro’s continuous, brilliant white illumination, smartphone users can now easily take crystal clear photos and videos in poor lighting conditions and scan documents without shadows.

The QLite Pro is ideal for a wide range of professionals and consumers who need to use their smartphone to photograph, video or scan on the job and on the go:

• Service Technicians
• Contractors
• Mechanics
• Engineers & Engineering Techs
• Q/A Inspectors
• Scientists

• Librarians
• Researchers
• Students & Parents
• Property Inspectors
• Insurance Agents
• Property Managers

• Real Estate Agents
• Vet & Medical Personnel
• Hobbyists & Collectors
• On Line Sellers
• Shipping & Receiving Personnel
• Stock Room & Inventory Personnel